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How did this technology improve your ability to make the film, radio trailer and magazine review?

Now I’m not sure how I can answer this without being ever so sarcastic, as without this technology the Alevel course I am taking would not even be possible. But I’ll humor the question.

Without the use of ‘Publisher’ we would have had to complete our magazine review on paper, creating it from scratch, using our neatest possible handwriting and a pair of scissors and a ‘Pritt Stick’. Now as much as I would have loved to get down to it with glue, creating the magazine this way would have been problematic in many ways (mainly spelling and small errors). On a computer if you spell something wrong you can easily go back and correct it however on paper we would have had to start again, not only is ‘Tipp-ex’ messy it gives me horrific migraines.

Looking back to GCSE Media Studies I recalled creating a film trailer and ‘Microsoft Powerpoint’ (you can just imagine how great that was). For our trailer we had to find images on the internet that were related to the story we wanted to tell. If we were to create our film with ‘Powerpoint’ for Alevel we wouldn’t have the opportunity to send our film off to film festivals. Honestly it’d just be crap. A 6 minute film done all in pictures, on ‘Powerpoint’ would be boring to watch and boring to make.

Then for the radio trailer I’m not even sure where we’d start, how we do it without todays technology? Today’s technology makes many of us ignorant, we wouldn’t be able to do so many things without the technology we have today. So many of us now wouldn’t be able to keep a basic friendship strong without todays technology; without facebook or mobile phones!

So to ask the question ‘how did it improve our ability’ it improved our ability by not only a fraction but an entire 10 yards. A Media Studies Alevel would only work as a pure theory without todays technology, Media Practical wouldn’t be feasible.


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How did new media technology help in your evaluation?

For our evaluation we were given 4 questions:

  1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  2. How effective is the combination of you main product and ancillary texts?
  3. What have you learned from your audience feedback?
  4. How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
For each question we used different media forms to answer them. In question 1 we answered it as a ‘Directors Interview’, question 2 was answered using a ‘Recorded Presentation’, question 3 was answered as a ‘DVD commentary’ and question 4 is being answered by yours truly as a ‘Blog’.
Using all the aforementioned technology while completing our evaluation showed our acceptance and ability to use these media forms. Where writing a basic essay is acceptable in all other subjects, for media it would show a reluctance to adapt to media forms and could show a hesitance in our ability to use it. You have to admit when marking an evaluation you’d much rather watch/listen/read an informal blog than read through far too many pages of black on white text.

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Finally, what benefit is there in using new media technology in displaying your portfolio of work?

In a photography Alevel work is displayed in a ‘Photobook’, meaning you have to carry around your portfolio with you and you can risk losing it. For Media Studies we upload our work onto a website we create on ‘Weebly’.

Using ‘Weebly’ to display our portfolio of work is very useful. During media we have a lot of pre-production paperwork, films demonstrating research, final work and evaluation pieces, having an in hand portfolio would be heavy and unnecessary; it’d contain a lot of paper and many DVDs. Also when displaying our research we’d only be able to download ‘Youtube’ videos illegally to burn them on a DVD, so demonstrating research would be almost impossible unless we wanted to write out a video’s URL into our paperwork in hope that the examiner would take it upon themselves to search and watch it.

Besides, why when we can upload our work nice and neatly online would we want to display it in an in hand book or folder? That’s just making more work for ourselves.

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