Finally, what benefit is there in using new media technology in displaying your portfolio of work?

In a photography Alevel work is displayed in a ‘Photobook’, meaning you have to carry around your portfolio with you and you can risk losing it. For Media Studies we upload our work onto a website we create on ‘Weebly’.

Using ‘Weebly’ to display our portfolio of work is very useful. During media we have a lot of pre-production paperwork, films demonstrating research, final work and evaluation pieces, having an in hand portfolio would be heavy and unnecessary; it’d contain a lot of paper and many DVDs. Also when displaying our research we’d only be able to download ‘Youtube’ videos illegally to burn them on a DVD, so demonstrating research would be almost impossible unless we wanted to write out a video’s URL into our paperwork in hope that the examiner would take it upon themselves to search and watch it.

Besides, why when we can upload our work nice and neatly online would we want to display it in an in hand book or folder? That’s just making more work for ourselves.


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