What technology did you use in the construction of your film, radio trailer and magazine review?

The Film

During the construction of our film we used the same technology as we did in our Prelim task (The Corridor);

‘HVR-V1E Professional Mini DV’,

the sound equipment,

and the editing software, ‘Final Cut Pro’.

We also used the internet and non-copyrighted music CDs for scores and sound effects. When using ‘Final Cut’ for the ‘Advanced Production’ the work was more closely edited and the shot sequences were far more complex. For example during scene two after Simon is thrown to the floor in one shot, Jack picks up the bag in a different shot and you see him unzip and begin to tip the contents onto Simon, the shot then cuts to a ‘point of view’ and you see the contents beginning to fall, the shot cuts again and Jack throws the bag to the ground and walks away. When editing this scene the timing of each shot was imperative in order for it to run smoothly, when editing ‘The Corridor’ we had no sections of the film that needed to be so carefully edited.

The fight scene in our film was produced using ‘ComicLife’ on the college ‘Macs’, having this specified technology was helpful as ‘Photoshop’ just wasn’t doing the job we wanted it to. We used various settings on ‘ComicLife’ to create images for our ‘flipbook style fight scene’, an example of this is shown below:

Final Film:

The Radio Trailer

Again when creating our radio trailer we used the same equipment and software as we did in our film (Simon Begins) and  the prelim task (The Corridor).

Radio Trailer:

The Magazine Review

For the magazine review we looked at real reviews from ‘EMPIRE Magazine’ to give us a template on how we should set out our own magazine review. A couple of examples:


When creating our magazine review we used ‘Microsoft Publisher’:

We are all very familiar with how ‘Publisher’ works and for such a task we wouldn’t need to use any sort of fancier software. When researching articles we could use as templates we used ‘Google’ and ‘EMPIRE Magazines’ online site  http://www.empireonline.com/reviews/.

While writing this evaluation I thought that we could have even ventured into writing our review as an online piece like you can see on the following link:  http://www.empireonline.com/reviews/reviewcomplete.asp?FID=137215.

Our finished Magazine Review;


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