What is the benefit of using this technology during the planning stage?

Another supplement to our course is our teachers Website, which he has set up especially for college students both Alevel and Btec, the home screen can be seen below, and you can access the site for yourself using this link: http://yannyfoxx.webs.com/

With the use of Iain’s website we were able to find all the pre-production materials we needed and we could download them straight from the site,

Being able to access these files online is very important, as you can imagine creating your own would be difficult and time consuming especially as before starting our A2 year none of us had the slightest idea that many of these documents existed or were needed when making a film. As well as having easy access to these documents due to the internet and this website, we can also get easy links to other useful websites and view short films made by previous students here at South Cheshire College.

New media technology such as the Internet is also helpful when we look for locations to film, with the use of ‘Google Maps’ we can scout out locations without having to go and view them in person.

With the introduction of ‘Google Street View’ in 2007, scouting locations is now even easier, say we wanted to film in ‘St Andrews Avenue’ we could use ‘Street View’ to take an even closer look,

Also during the planning stage we used a programme called ‘Celtx’ to write our screenplay. ‘Celtx’ is free online downloadable software for writing screenplays, play scripts, creating storyboards and even comic books. When ‘Googled’ ‘Celtx’ is advertised as the “#1 Choice for Media Pre-Production”;

‘Celtx’ while it seems daunting when you start it is actually a very easy programme to use. It’ll programme many things for you, so if you double click enter a new scene will be automatically started for you and if you are writing dialogue it’ll continue in dialogue format until you switch it off, meaning you don’t have to programme every line.  As well as this you can go online to http://wiki.celtx.com and learn all the quick tricks from here and even get access to tutorial videos like this;


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