What is the benefit of creating an Animatic?

‘Short Toy Story’ Anamatic

An animatic is an animated story board. For an animatic you can either take photographs or draw the images; we took photographs. Animatics are a way to show a film to peers (target audience) to get feedback on the basic premise of your film, so that flaws in it may be highlighted or how certain aspects could be improved. The benefit of doing an animatic is that it is a quick, effective and cheap way to tell a story without having to spend excessive time (and money for the unlucky) creating a film to be told that it’s no good.

When creating our animatic we did it on ‘iMovie’, which is the basic movie editing software on ‘Macs’. We used this rather than ‘Final Cut’ as it it is quicker and easier to create and export the file.

With the use of the internet (‘Google’ + ‘Youtube’) you can get access to tutorial videos such as this one,

When we screened our animatic other than our audience becoming confused with the story as we found it hard to convey our split story line with still pictures we didn’t get any negative feedback, however one of our questions asked ‘what would you call our short film?’ among the responses we got the suggestion ‘Simon Begins’ which has now become the name of our film.

On an individual level creating an animatic helped us visualise how we wanted our fight scene to look; as we planned on doing the fight scene with a series of animated still shots being able to practice getting the shots we needed was helpful, also having those primary images gave us chance to try editing them to make them look more like a cartoon.


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