A brief history of popular technology

So as we all know the year 2000 was the start of a new technology era, it welcomed broadband, the Playstation2 and my 8th birthday. Before broadband we used the internet using a dial up modem and unless you were willing to install a second land line to your home you had to choose between your home phone and the internet, I still remember asking permission to browse the internet (although at that age I’m not really sure what I’d have been looking at; ClubPenguin wasn’t around till 2005! http://www.clubpenguin.com/).

Another interesting note about Dial up internet is that to download a low quality song it’d take half an hour and to download a low quality film it’d take around 3 days.

According to articles I have read in my research for this ‘essay’, I found that in 1999 we didn’t have Sky+; who would have thought it. If we wanted to record our favourite TV show we had to do it with VHS (no wonder our grandparents had hundreds of VHS tapes around the house).  Thinking along those same lines I began to think about the wonder of DVDs no longer did we have to sit for what felt like an hour waiting for a video to rewind. My cousins who were born after 2000 have never had the pleasure of waiting for their favourite film to rewind while knowing that eventually the tape inside the video would eventually spoil and your favourite bit of ‘Peter Pan’ would become a fuzzy unwatchable mess.

In 1999 most people were still using a ‘Walkman’;

Lugging CDs around to listen to their music, it skipping whenever it took a bump. The 1st MP3 player was released by a South Korean company in 1998, it was called the ‘MPMan F10’ and it was originally marketed in the US at $250 and it only held 8 songs.

Sexy bit of technology isn’t it?

Now, the domain name ‘Google’ was 1st registered in 1997, but in 1999 many people were still using ‘AltaVista’.

Though as ‘Google’ grew and it purchased more small companies you could say a ‘franchise’ grew as well. In 2005 ‘Youtube’ was released and now in order to create a ‘Youtube’ account to share your videos with the world you need a ‘Google’ account.

Media Technology more related to the practical side of Alevel Media Studies

Information on this was much harder to find but, keeping my search to the same time frame that I have previously looked at. I found that in 1999, it was difficult to find a Digital Camera that you could do just 4 simple things with; set the shutter speed, set the aperture, attach to a PC terminal, take the actual picture. Unless you were willing to pay around £16,290 for a ‘Kodac DCS560’,

or a cheaper professional camera at £3023.                                                                                                                                                           However in 2011 to get a digital camera with those capabilities I can rent them from college for free or buy one for around £400-£500 which is still expensive but if you’re that enthusiastic about photography I hear a digital SLR is a necessity.

In 2003 digital cameras were around but our first holiday to Florida was photographed with one of these… a ‘Canon Sure Shot Ace‘. A fantastic little camera as long as you have good quality film.

Our first family video camera was what I can only describe as a ‘beast’, it needed to be carried around in a great big case and was too heavy to not to be used with a tripod. If I remember correctly you actually had to record it onto ‘VHS cassettes’.

I think I should now get around to evaluating my media coursework.


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